Why Should You Get a WordPress Cache Plugin?

They will love browsing through your blazing fast pages


Google and other search engines will improve your ranking


A stunning web performance improves conversions and revenue


It’s really simple: the faster your pages load, the more Google (and your visitors) will love them.


Moreover, according to Google, as page load time goes from 1 to 7 seconds, the bounce rate of a mobile site increases 113%, and conversions drop. 😰

Caching can sound like a complex technology, but don’t worry because there’s only one important thing that you should keep in mind: Caching makes your website really fast. 

Speed is critical to the success of your site because people don’t like waiting around for web pages to load. 

In fact, a study by CDN service Akamai found that 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

40% of people will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. 😮

That’s huge, right?

Fortunately, installing a caching plugin like WP Rocket can load your site faster: keep reading to know how!

So Yes, A Caching Plugin Is Critical to Your WordPress Site

What Does Caching Do?

By learning a bit more about caching, you will understand where its power comes from. 

Without any caching at all, visitors to your website would have to download your web pages every single time they visit your site. 😓

This is what happens: a visitor comes to your WordPress site, their browser talks to your web server which loads up WordPress; this involves PHP processing, making requests to your database, sending files back to the browser to finally be assembled into a fully formed webpage. The whole process can take several seconds, an eternity to modern web surfers.

Caching Works Similarly to a Person’s Memory

Caching remembers the content the visitor saw during their first visit, and sends a static HTML file to the browser instead of loading the whole page once again. 

Caching can be declined in several forms: page cache, as the one we just described, browser cache, or server cache. You can’t miss our in-depth articles if you want to learn more about caching for WordPress explained in plain English and the different types of caching.

How Does a Caching Plugin Work?

A caching plugin creates a static version of your web page and delivers it to your visitors. 

Usually, the pages and posts on your site won’t change much once published, unless you redesign your site or update content. This means that when a visitor returns to your site to view it again, they will see a cached version.

The beauty of a WordPress caching plugin is that it works without the visitor even knowing about it. 

It minimizes the amount of data that is transmitted between the visitor’s browser, the WordPress database and the web server. 

That’s the only thing your visitors will notice: how fast your WordPress site loads.

Here is an article where you can read in-depth performance results from some popular caching plugins: The 9 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Tested and Compared.

It’s worth mentioning a very important rule of thumb when using a caching plugin: you only need one. Installing more than one won’t make your site any faster. In fact, it’s more likely to make your site slower and even break it.

WordPress caching plugin
WP caching plugin

Caching With WP Rocket

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