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All you need to know about PageSpeed Insights: learn how to read its results, and how to fix its recommendations.

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Answers To All Your PageSpeed-Related Questions:

What are these red and orange warnings?

Why isn’t my score higher?

What do all these recommendations mean?

What You'll Find In This Ebook:


Useful Tips That You Can Apply Right Away


Find out which are the most common PSI recommendations and what you can do to fix them:

• Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources and Defer Unused CSS

• Minimize Main-Thread Work and Reduce JavaScript Execution Time

• Serve Static Assets With an Efficient Cache Policy

• Avoid Enormous Network Payloads

• Avoid Excessive DOM Size

• Minimize Critical Requests Depth 

Web Performance Advice from Real Experts


With WP Rocket, we’re striving to make the web a more sustainable place with faster and better performing web pages.

The PageSpeed Insights 2020 Guide shares the secrets of this crucial tool and helps you making the most of it!

Table of Contents:

  1. PageSpeed Insights by Google: an Overview
  2. What Is PageSpeed Insights and How Does It Work?
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Care About Google PageSpeed Insights Scores
  4. PageSpeed Insights Is Now Powered by Lighthouse: How to Read the New Audit?
  5. How to Address Google PageSpeed Insights Recommendations
  6. How to Use WP Rocket to Improve Your PageSpeed Insights’ Scores

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